Cadet Membership Requirement

Requirements for candidates seeking membership:

1. Pay $50 (NYSGBOA dues, insurance and rule book: to be paid prior to any Floor Workouts: non-payment does not excuse any of the following requirements)
2. Interpretation meetings: attend 75% of all interpretation meetings.
3. Floor workout meetings: attend two-thirdís of these meetings and pass an evaluation during one of the last two meetings.
4. IAABO/NYSGBOA test: must pass a test for new candidates with a passing score.
5. Floor Test: Additional Floor Test evaluations are to be given to those that pass the formal TESTS, during the season. Should an official not perform to the level necessary to advance to Tier 3, then the official will have to start the program again the next season or thereafter.
6. End of Season: All dues and assessments must be paid by the Annual Meeting for the following season.

Note: Failure to complete any step will terminate the program for that official during that season.
Fee may change without announcement due to increases.