Board 49 Referee Rating Form

Please rate any officials you have observed.

All ratings for a game will be averaged together for the official's final game rating.

1 is low and 5 is high
Please use the following scale to rate officials:
Rating Scale: Excellent -5 Good -4 Acceptable -3 Poor -2 Unacceptable -1

If you rate any official as (1) on any item, be sure to provide an explanation in the comment area!



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Rating Scale for use with Observation Items

Rating Scale:   Excellent -5    Good -4    Acceptable -3    Poor -2    Unacceptable -1








1. Appearance - Overall appearance, Physical conditioning, Proper uniform
2. Game Control Coaches, Players, Bench, Table, Fans
3. Rules - Correct knowledge and proper application of appropriate rules. Using the correct set of rules for this game.
4. Mechanics- In proper position, Clear/concise signals, Strong whistle/voice, Switching and cooperation with partner
5. Judgement - Post play, Illegal use of hands, Screening, Violations, Block/Charge
6. Consistency - Did he/she call the same game at each end of the court?
7. Court Coverage - Proper PCA, Press coverage, Off ball coverage
8.Poise - Attitude/professionalism/temperament, Confident, Courteous
9. Alertness - Ready to handle all situations, Clock management, Hustle, Reaction, Always in the game?
10. Reaction under pressure - Did he/she make the tough call? When warranted was, a technical administered?
General Game Assessment
Was this a difficult game to officiate?
Willing to work with official on higher level games?

General Comments:


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